Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wells and Clarks Village Daytrip!

Hello everyone! We hope you've all settling into life here at INTO Exeter nicely and looking forward to start classes, and if you're a September starter we hope the last few weeks haven't been too stressful for very nice thing to look forward to is the beginning of the INTO Saturday daytrips! The first one of 2012 is to the beautiful cathedral city of Wells and after to the shopping outlet Clarks Village! Wells is famous for being the smallest city in the UK and boasts an amazing cathedral, perfect for photographs! Then second part of the trip takes place nearby in the shopping outlet called Clarks Village, which consists of more than 90 shops, numerous caf├ęs and a huge dining area where you are free to shop as much as you want! Tickets are £15 each and you can buy them from the INTO reception :)

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